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Private Salt Room Special 2 For 1

Only $30! ($60 Value)
Bring Friends and Family - Just $15 each, up to 5 people!

Book a Private Salt Room at Kasara Spa in Las Vegas

Escape from your everyday stresses in Las Vegas by booking a private salt room session at Kasara Spa. Enjoy the room in light mode or galaxy dark mode by yourself or bring a friend (up to 5) and bask in the benefits of salt therapy. Breathe in tiny particles of pharmaceutical grade salt and surround yourself with pure Himalayan salt for 30 minutes and emerge feeling wonderful.

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Get All The Benefits Of Salt Therapy With Unlimited Private Salt Room Sessions!

The Benefits Of Salt Therapy

Dry Salt Therapy, also known as Halotherapy, benefits everyone! It is natural and safe and there are no harmful side effects. Salt therapy is very beneficial for overall wellness by killing bacteria, microbes, fungus, and viruses, and removing the toxicity from the respiratory system, improving the function and appearance of the skin and boosting the immune system. We are exposed to pollutants, airborne diseases, bacteria, allergens and other irritating factors on a daily basis. Dry salt therapy is a proven safe and effective method to reduce inflammation, cleanse and detox the lungs, as well as invigorate the entire body with increased lung capacity and oxygen intake. It also helps with skin conditions and keeping your skin healthy. Regular salt therapy is an excellent way to aid breathing, boost your immune system and improve your quality of life!

Boost Your Mental Health

In addition to the countless physical benefits salt therapy provides, it can also help with your mental health. This ultimate relaxing experience will make you feel more at ease. As a result, your mind relaxes, and you can breathe deeply. Your body will feel renewed, and your mind will feel more at peace after one private salt room session.

And now offering, for the first time ever, eucalyptus and mint infused salt therapy!

Only $10 more per 30 minute session!

You will absolutely love this amazing salt therapy! It will help clean your respiratory system and widen airways for instant breathing results.
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What should I wear to enjoy the private salt room?

You should bring flip flops, shower shoes, or sandals as you will go in barefoot. You can bring summer type clothes like shorts and a tank top, or a bathing suit, or you can bring a robe and expose as much skin as you are comfortable.

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There’s never been a better time to book a private salt room. Enjoy the countless benefits of salt healing in our exquisite room. Book it as a solo treatment or as part of a spa day.