Frequently Asked Questions

There will be some soreness to the treated area but should resolve itself in a few days. Results will vary, but most will see change after each treatment with average protocol being 3-6 treatments.
All of our treatments are non-invasive and have been deemed completely safe.
There will be some soreness to the treated area and fat deposits will seem softer and thinner. You will need to drink more water after treatment and 24 hours following treatment. For best results, you should engage in some exercise and calories should be reduced.
Body sculpting uses radio frequency and cavitation along with vacuum therapy at low levels that only affect the underlying fat cells and are deemed completely safe.
Typical results vary and are experienced with multiple treatments. Each treatment will leave the area with mild soreness and may have some redness to the skin. Skin will feel slightly smoother after treatment with diminishing sightly cellulite.

There are certain contraindications that will prevent someone from accepting treatments. We have a medical health questionnaire that must be filled out and if it is deemed that you have not met our requirements, we will not be able to perform services. If you are unsure whether you may be able to accept any of our treatments, please consult with your primary doctor. 

Yes! The salt room is designed for anyone to be able to enjoy the health benefits. If you are pregnant, we encourage you to consult with your doctor.
We do allow children to enjoy the private salt room as long as they are accompanied by a parent. Minors 14 and older may receive massage and facial treatments when accompanied by a parent or a signed parental consent form
You should bring flip flops, shower shoes, or sandals as you will go in barefoot. You can bring summer type clothes like shorts and a tank top, or a bathing suit, or you can bring a robe and expose as much skin as you are comfortable.