Does Salt Room Therapy Work? 5 Surprising Benefits

Are you unsure if salt room therapy will work for you? There’s five surprising benefits of this type of therapy you probably aren’t aware of.

A spa day. We all need time to de-stress.

With countless treatments to choose from, it’s important to customize your spa day so you leave feeling refreshed and at peace. Whether you’re a frequent spa-goer or you’re planning your first trip, we recommend you consider adding salt room therapy to your experience.

With its numerous mental and physical benefits, salt room therapy is an under-appreciated yet highly effective spa treatment. Below we’ve included five benefits of salt room therapy – you may be surprised at a few!

What Is Salt Room Therapy?

Salt is a mineral renowned for its healing and medicinal properties. It’s used both as wet therapy – think saline solutions, skin scrubs, and salt baths – and as dry therapy, like using a salt room.

Its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties give your body the boost it needs to optimize its performance naturally. Benefits are said to help mental health, skin conditions, lung function, detoxification, and even athletic performance.

Salt room therapy works by placing purified pharmaceutical grade salt into a halo generator. It grinds the salt into tiny particles then disperses them throughout a closed environment. This is referred to as “dry salt therapy” or “Halotherapy”.

The salt travels throughout the room, where it’s inhaled into your lungs and lands on your skin. The salt is naturally antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral. It basically helps kill the bad stuff in your respiratory system and decreases inflammation which helps get more oxygen to your cells.

1. Clearer Mental State

Perhaps the most noticeable benefit of salt room therapy is its ability to improve your mental state. After just 30 minutes in a salt cave, users consistently report feeling more relaxed and confident. Individuals suffering from anxiety and depression even report lessened symptoms.

Because salt therapy makes it easier to take deep breaths, it helps with anxiety. Deep breathing stimulates the vagus nerve, which activates the part of our brain which helps us relax. It also raises the level of alpha wave brain activity, which keeps us calm and alert.

The salt therapy session’s environment itself may be enough to feel better. Without technology or other people, you can truly just relax. You may even be able to drift off into restful sleep.

2. Enhanced Lung Health

Though evidence relies on anecdotes and personal experiences, salt room therapy has been widely accepted to have healing properties for the lungs.

Since the halo generator breaks down salt particles into such small microns, it’s easy for your lungs to inhale. These minuscule particulars can act as a bronchodilator, clearing your lungs of mucus and improving lung function.

Individuals who have tried salt room treatment have noticed that they’re able to take fuller, deeper breaths following treatment. Your breaths will feel lighter, as toxins trapped in your lungs will be loosened and removed.

The American Lung Association has presented one official hypothesis that explains why salt rooms help lung function, especially for those with respiratory illnesses like COPD: inhaling fine salt particles thins mucus in the airway, making coughs both more productive and less painful.

Halotherapy has even been said to be a treatment for asthma. The salt particles trigger an anti-inflammatory response in people with bronchial asthma.

3. Reduced Allergy Symptoms

Salt room therapy has also been said to help reduce allergy symptoms.

The salt you inhale in a salt room is allergen-free, so it will remove the allergens lining your nasal passages without causing any harm. By lowering the immune response and inflammation, your symptoms lessen.

The properties that clear up your lungs are also effective for clearing up your nose, sinus cavity, and throat. Since the three are connected, the salt’s small size will allow it to travel through all three and clear up the pathway.

After a few sessions, you’ll likely experience less pressure on your sinus cavity and therefore reduce the aches and pains associated with allergies.

4. Relieve Skin Conditions

If you’ve ever swam in the ocean and discovered that your skin was clearer the next day, you know how effective salt is for your skin.

Even if you’re not making direct contact with the salt, salt rooms can give your skin the same benefits as if you were to swim in salt water. Think of a salt room as multiplying the effects of a beach by one hundred times.

As the salt travels from the halo generator and into the room, particles land on your skin’s surface and start to affect the lower layers. The dry salt on your skin kills bacteria and other impurities found on the skin, leaving it more clear and more smooth.

5. Technology Reset

The environment in which we live today is full of positive ions from all of the technology we use. High-voltage networks like microwaves, TVs, computers, and mobile phones produce excessive positive ions which may disrupt our body’s natural rhythms.

Over time, over-exposure to too many positive ions may deteriorate our health and damage cells. Some believe that this may accelerate aging and cause harmful conditions.

Exposure to Himalayan salt can help neutralize the effects of positive ions and combats the negative feelings that we may experience when we’re surrounded by too much technology.

And resting for 30 minutes to an hour in a private salt room without any technology is refreshing for anyone, regardless of whether or not you believe that technology is negatively affecting your body’s ionic levels.

Experiencing Salt Room Therapy

Your next spa treatment should leave you feeling rejuvenated and peaceful. With all the benefits that salt room therapy has to offer, there’s no doubt that 30 minutes in a salt room will leave you feeling like your best self.

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